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MDI-Canada is an exporting company most widely recognized as Manufacturer's representative & Distributor of Canadian, USA manufactured Defense, Security, Airport, equipments, for value added resale into overseas & local market. We prefer to establish strong business relationship with buyers and manufacturers on the basis of mutual benefit.

We do not represent any particular brand or product - instead, we look for products those create best solution to our clients/customers need and deliver real business solutions by utilizing technology and product features that meet the economic and technical needs of our valued customers. MDI-Canada offer sales commitment, extends to product installation, and training. We are dealing in large scope of partnership, including:

  • Police, Military, Air-Force, Marine/Navy, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Airport, Seaport, Coast Guard, Boarder Patrol, Government and Public/Private Corporate clients.

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Hand Held Explosives Detectors  
  Seaport & Airport Explosives Detectors  
Drugs/Narcotics Detectors  
Counter Surveillance Systems  
Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS)  
  Access Control & LPR  
Thermal Imaging Camera  
  Night Vision Googles & Laser Range Finder  
Special Equipments  
  EarthQuake & Disaster Products  
  Non-Lethal (Crowd/Riot Control)  
  RF/Broadband & Prison Jammers  
  Mobile/Cellular Phone Detectors  
  GSM Interceptors  
  Metal Detectors  
  Portable X-Ray & Baggage Scanners  
  Patrol, Search & Rescue Boat  

[Use of jammers in Canada are restrected, and require prior approval from Industry Canada to sell in Canada.]


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